Hoarse and Lifeless Obama Stumps in Virginia – Voice ‘Cracks’ as He Attacks Trump (VIDEO)

Former President Barack Obama campaigned with Democrats Jennifer Wexton and Tim Kaine in Northern Virginia at the Fairfax campaign office Monday with a very hoarse voice.

Obama seemed lifeless as he droned on spewing Democrat talking points, his voice cracking as he attacked President Trump’s policies.

“What I’m seeing is this great awakening. People who I think had taken for granted that we had made certain strides…Suddenly people woke up and said, ‘Oh, I guess we can’t take this for granted. We gotta fight for this,” Obama said with a wimper.

A great awakening? Obama must be talking about the red wave, not the blue puddle.


Listen to Obama speak; his voice is hardly recognizable…


Obama even brought donuts to the staff members, saying, “You’ve been moving, so you’re allowed to have a little, little treat.”

Watch…this is major cringe…

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