Here We Go… Nutty Obama Takes Credit for US Becoming Top Oil Producer Under Trump (VIDEO)

What a goofy guy.
Barack Obama continues to struggle with the many successes of his successor.
In a recent speech Obama even took credit for the oil boom under President Trump.

It must suck to have a real leader show you up on a daily basis. Huh, Barack?

The United States this year became the largest oil producer in the world. reported:


The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated in their latest Short-Term Energy Outlook that the United States is now the largest global crude oil producer, likely surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia. In February, U.S. crude oil production exceeded that of Saudi Arabia for the first time in more than two decades. In June and August, the United States surpassed Russia in crude oil production for the first time since February 1999.

Barack Obama signed the Paris Climate Accord which would have obliterated the US oil industry.
So keep pretending, Barack.
Americans know the truth.

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