HAH! Hillary Clinton Changes Her Tune After Coughing Fit in Toronto – Doesn’t Mention Trump on Second Night of Tour

Perhaps the instant karma served to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night in Toronto where she suffered a coughing fit after she trashed Trump caused her to change her tune on Wednesday evening.

The Clintons traveled to the Bell Centre in Montreal Wednesday and spoke to a crowd of people for one hour on the second night of their tour.

One thing was noticeable to all reporters who were at the Bell Centre–the Clintons did not mention President Trump by name.

This is a stark contrast to Tuesday evening where Hillary Clinton took several jabs at President Trump–she even accused Trump of a Saudi cover-up in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Shortly after Hillary trashed Trump Tuesday night, she began to cough uncontrollably.

The Clintons limited Wednesday evening’s tour stop to only one hour and according to attendees they were thrown softball questions.

Hillary Clinton looked stiff and uncomfortable as she sat next to her husband Bill.

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At one point the Clintons praised Canada’s diversity. ‘Canada has done such a good job of both managing its contemporary diversity and it has a very interesting immigration system,‘ Bill said, according to the Montreal Gazette.


The Clintons will be in Sugarland, Texas December 4th for their next stop of their 13-city tour dubbed ‘An Evening with the Clintons.’

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