Gross. Poop “Graffiti” & Heroin Needles Adorn San Francisco Sidewalks for Holidays – Health Experts Warn Of Danger

San Francisco inches closer to reaching liberal utopia with their latest PR blunder; Graffiti on the sidewalks formed from human feces. This is combined with heroin needles and trash in the streets, as the side effects of the homeless epidemic have pedestrians, including children, literally dodging poop on the sidewalks.

This is a major US city, turned into a 3rd world s***hole thanks to decades of far left policies and incompetent leadership.

San Fran mayor, London Breed (yes, that’s her name), tries to deny how filthy the city has become and claims that the city is actually cleaner now than it was before she took office. Breed campaigned on promising to clean up the city, but apparently complaints about human feces literally scattered across the sidewalks have actually increased by 30% since Breed took office.


NBC Bay Area reports:

While surveying parts of downtown San Francisco, the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit discovered graffiti that appeared to look as if it were made from feces. The markings were found along sidewalks on two different blocks: 700 block of Ellis Street, between Polk and Larkin Streets, and the 500 block of Larkin Street, between Eddy and Turk Streets. Piles of excrement were also found near each of the markings.

The Investigative Unit spotted the graffiti while revisiting 20 of San Francisco’s dirtiest blocks. The team surveyed streets and sidewalks in search of trash, needles, and feces. The Investigative Unit first inspected the area in January and repeated the process in early November in order to compare the level of cleanliness before and after Mayor London Breed took office. As a candidate, Breed promised a cleaner San Francisco within three months, if elected. Breed was sworn in more than four months ago on the steps of city hall during a ceremony on July 11.

“There is a huge difference in certain parts of the city,” Breed told the Investigative Unit. “I’m not seeing as much of what I used to before I took office.”

In comparing Breed’s first three months in office with the three months prior, San Francisco 311 data reflects an 8 percent increase in complaints regarding used needles, 3 percent increase concerning trash, and 30 percent increase regarding human feces.  

“I don’t think it’s because the city is actually dirtier,” Breed said. “I think it’s because more people are reporting the challenges that exist.”

The mayor recently assembled a new crew dubbed the “Poop Patrol” to clean feces across San Francisco seven days a week. Last year, San Francisco received 20,960 requests to clean human feces from streets and sidewalks. The number of complaints in 2018 is expected to exceed that figure based on the 11,944 cleaning requests received in just the first six months of this year.

The city has apparently spent $308 Million cleaning up feces over the last 5 years. But that doesn’t stop the piles of crap and syringes from piling up around the city, including right out front of the federal courthouse.

In the video from NBC Bay Area, a biologist explains how the feces epidemic can result in a disease outbreak. The video also features people, including children, walking along the sidewalk dodging the waste and heroin needles. In a scene reminiscent of Idiocracy, mayor Breed sits down with the NBC reporter and explains how removing feces would be a major accomplishment by saying “I would measure that [success] by, you know, like, not having feces on our sidewalks.”

So that’s the measuring stick for modern day liberals. If you can manage to keep feces off the sidewalk, then that’s a successful political career.

And they can’t even get that right.

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