“Give me a Break!… You’re a Dishonest Guy!” – TRUMP Destroys Lying Media Hack Who Says White House Acosta Video Was “Doctored” (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke with reporters on the White House lawn on Friday morning before his departure to France to join other world leaders in marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

During the questioning one reporter asked the president to comment on the “doctored” video the White House released of Jim Acosta’s confrontation with the President and his contact with a female intern.

President Trump unloaded on the dishonest hack!

President Trump: The taped video of Acosta? What are you talking about?…

Reporter: It was manipulated.

President Trump: All that was… Nobody manipulated it. Give me a break. See that’s just dishonest reporting. All that is is a closeup. See that’s just dishonest reporting. I watch the that, I watched that last night. They made it close up. They showed it close up. And he was not nice to the young woman. I don’t hold him to that. Because it wasn’t overly horrible. But when you say ‘doctored’ you’re a dishonest guy. Because it wasn’t doctored. They gave a close up view. That’s not doctoring.

The video in question was first posted by journalist Paul Joseph Watson.
Watson cropped the video that was re-published by the White House.
The liberal media all said it was “doctored.”

This is MORE PROOF you can NEVER TRUST the liberal mainstream media.

Watch Paul Joseph Watson’s take down of the lying media hacks.

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