First Caravan-Related Violence Reported in US – Migrant Throws Rocks at Border Patrol, Lights a Tree on Fire

Military-aged males in caravan; photo via Judicial Watch

The US Border Patrol in Arizona reported the first migrant-related act of violence over the weekend, saying a Honduran male threw rocks at the agents to evade arrest.

The 31-year-old Honduran migrant climbed a tree to avoid being arrested then lit the tree on fire.

The Washington Times reported:


The Border Patrol reported the first major instance of migrant caravan-related violence Saturday, saying a Honduran man threw rocks at agents to try to keep from being arrested Friday in Arizona.

The 31-year-old, whom authorities didn’t name, had climbed a tree to try to avoid capture, then lit the tree afire and began to throw rocks at the agents as well as a helicopter called in to help track him.

Neither the agents nor the helicopter were hit by the projectiles.

The man was eventually arrested, and agents said he told them he was part of the migrant caravan that had been in the news. They said he had previous arrests in the U.S. and had been deported back in June.

A local fire department had to be called to extinguish the fire.

There are now 5,000 to 6,000 illegal caravan migrants in Tijuana, Mexico waiting to seek asylum into the United States.

According to estimates 500 of those migrants are criminals.

The Trump administration reached a deal with Mexico which would make asylum seekers wait in Mexico while their cases are processed.

No formal deal has been signed which is making US officials anxious the deal could fall apart.

But the Honduran migrants waiting in Mexico have plans to just rush the US border the same way they rushed the Guatemala-Mexico border.

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As previously reported, migrants in the Central American caravan are planning to wait until an expected 20,000 migrants arrive in Tijuana and then enter the United States illegally en masse, according to a report by the Epoch Times.

The group plans to attempt to illegally enter the US through vehicle lanes at San Ysidro, because “it’s more spacious.”

The President doubled down on Saturday and threatened to completely close the southern border.

On Sunday, President Trump once again blamed the Democrats and said the migrants from the caravan will not cross over to the US.

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