FIGURES. Perkins Coie Lawyer and Hillary Clinton Fixer, Marc Elias Spearheading Dems’ Florida Recount Operation

Hillary Clinton, Marc Elias

All eyes are on Florida right now as the state braces for another recount.

Marc Elias, partner at Perkins Coie law firm and Hillary Clinton’s fixer who paid Fusion GPS for the fake Russia dossier, has been retained to help the Democrats steal the election recount operation.

Broward County and Palm Beach County in Florida, both Democrat strongholds are still counting ballots two days after the polls closed and Senator Marco Rubio is blaming elections supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Earlier Thursday, Senator Rubio said Broward County and Palm Beach County refused to disclose how many ballots they have left to count.

Rubio said the latest ballot dump from Broward County flipped the AG Comm race to Dem and cut down Scott’s lead from 54K to 17K against Democrat Bill Nelson in the US Senate race and we still don’t know how many ballots they have left to count!

Democrat Bill Nelson is fighting Republican Rick Scott with swamp dweller Marc Elias of Perkins Coie.


Sen. Bill Nelson is bringing in election law lawyer Marc Elias to run his Florida recount operation. “A significant number of ballots have not yet been counted and, because of the size of Florida, we believe the results of the election are unknown,” Elias says

Wednesday evening, Marc Elias warned ‘more tomorrow’ in response to US House Editor at the Cook Political Report Dave Wasserman who said, “Still trying to wrap my head around Dems winning House seats in Oklahoma, Staten Island & Beaufort, SC but failing to breakthrough statewide in FL.”

“Just wait. Don’t be so sure. More tomorrow,” Elias said.

Thursday evening, Marc Elias bragged about Nelson magically gaining votes two days after the polls closed.

ELIAS: BREAKING: The Florida Senate election has further narrowed. Nelson now trails by only 15,597 or .19%. Counting continues As I said earlier, I expect that margin to narrow further until recount. The outcome is currently unknown, but I would rather be Nelson than Scott.

Thursday evening, Governor Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against Broward election supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Gov. Rick Scott & the NRSC are filing a public records lawsuit against Broward election supervisor Brenda Snipes for failing to provide them with information about outstanding ballots that have yet to be tabulated. The lawsuit comes as Scott’s margins are shrinking v. Sen Nelson

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