EXCLUSIVE… Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman: Woman Accusing Mueller of Rape is ‘Credible,’ ‘Vetted,’ Media Protecting Special Counsel (VIDEO)


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The woman accusing Robert Mueller of rape has nothing to financially gain from coming forward with her allegations against the special counsel and her testimony can be corroborated, the attorney representing the accuser and the journalist who discovered her maintain.

In an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit, journalist and founder of Sure Fire Intelligence Jacob Wohl and Washington DC based attorney Jack Burkman debunked media reports claiming they paid women to accuse Mueller, the special counsel tasked with investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, of sexual assault.

“I am the biggest skeptic in the world of the #MeToo movement. My default position is not to believe the women – you’ve seen that over and over again as one story after another has come out. And that indeed was my default position in this case. I don’t care who’s getting accused or who’s accusing – my default position is I don’t believe it until its proven, until its corroborated,” Wohl told Gateway Pundit Wednesday night. “I went through the story with the accuser, the gal who had hired our firm, and I asked her many, many questions– where did it happen? When did it happen? Do you have any corroborating witnesses? And over and over again I determined her credibility to be very high, very high.”

Several major news outlets, including Politico and the Daily Beast, reported that a woman named “Lorraine Parsons” of Fort Myers, Florida  emailed various reporters claiming she was offered money to falsely accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct.

“The woman, Lorraine Parsons of Fort Myers, Florida, said a man named Bill Christensen knew exactly how much credit card debt she had and was willing to orchestrate paying off $34,000 — in addition to cutting a check for $20,000 if she made allegations,” reported Politico.

However, “Lorraine Parsons” declined to speak by telephone to various journalists, who could not confirm information about her, including whether that’s the real name of the person emailing journalists or whether a Lorraine Parsons exists at all.

Burkman and Wohl maintain that they have never interacted with Parsons and claimed she is a “phantom” the media is using to discredit the real accuser.


Wohl, a Gateway Pundit contributor, explained that he first encountered the woman accusing Mueller of sexual assault when she hired his intelligence firm, Sure Fire Intelligence, to investigate assets that were misappropriated by her accountant.

“The story begins when a client of my firm, Sure Fire Intelligence, who had hired us to handle an estate matter earlier tracked down some assets that were misappropriated by her accountant, brought me a story that frankly I didn’t believe,” he said. “There was no quid quo pro here. She was not offered any money. There was no exchange of any kind that happened between myself, that happened between Mr. Burkman here, and this accuser. The only person that claims any such thing, any kind of quid quo pro, any kind of payment, any kind of bribery or impropriety – which are all things that we condemn—is a women who the media has brought forth and breathlessly reported on who appears to not even exist.

“The media is reporting on [Parsons] to distract from and discredit the real allegation. Who is this woman? Who created her? Probably Mueller, probably the mainstream media, I don’t know. That will probably come out at some as well,” he continued. “[The accuser] gave us her story. She went point by point. She gave us time, she gave us dates. We carefully vetted that story. We wrote it into an affidavit, which she has signed. She also has a corroborating witness.”

The woman Wohl and Burkman claim is accusing Mueller of sexual assault is wealthy and has nothing to financially gain from fabricating allegations,Wohl argued.

“The accuser is not a person off the streets. This is a person of unimpeachable character. This is a person with an illustrious background as a fashion designer – well educated, well networked, well liked. This is not a person that somebody dragged up from some politically charged area. In fact, she is not politically charged at all – never registered to vote. Never voted, in fact. So, this is not a political operation, this has very little to do with politics,” he said. “This is about getting the truth out about a person who is wielding a tremendous amount of power and we’ve seen what he’s done with it.”

If the media or law enforcement can find Parsons, Burkman and Wohl pledged to “testify under oath” to prove they’ve never interacted with her.

Vermont Law School professor Jennifer Taub claims she  received an email on Oct. 22 floating an offer to discuss “past encounters” with Mueller, with the promise of money. She immediately forwarded the email to the special prosecutor’s office, which then referred it to the FBI, she told MSNBC’s Ari Melber Tuesday.

Burkman insisted neither he or Wohl have ever corresponded with Taub.

“I want to debunk this whole sad and tragic back story so we can get the focus back on our gal, our accuser and the main story. Lorraine Parsons, whom we allegedly paid – we didn’t pay her –   problem is Lorraine Parsons doesn’t exist. She’s a phantom that somebody conjured,” Burkman said. “There’s a woman named Jennifer Taub, who does exist, but she received some email referencing in a vague way payment from a person who doesn’t exist. That email also had nothing to do with us.

“Anybody with an IQ above 80 can very quickly see that there is no truth whatsoever to this back story and these allegations. We can only surmise as to who did this. My strong suspicion is that it was done to slow us down. Every reporter in the country, from the smallest blog all the way up to NBC news, knows very well that you don’t run a story about Lorraine Parsons before you even talk to Lorraine Parsons. I think its ridiculous, the last few days have been ridiculous more than anything else. When we present the allegations, we will regain the initiative and that’s the key.”

The woman accusing Mueller of rape was slated to detail her encounter with the special counsel at a press conference Burkman and Wohl are hosting in Arlington, Virginia Thursday at noon.


However, upon arriving in Washington, DC, Wohl said she panicked and boarded a flight to another location. Below is a photo of Wohl and the accuser, who at this time is fearful for her life and requests to remain anonymous.

Reporters and the mainstream media are intent on protecting Mueller and have relentlessly harassed and smeared Wohl since learning that he will bring forth a woman accusing Mueller of sexual assault, the 20 year old journalist explained.

“The reaction of the press has been one of the most disturbing things that I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I have had Oliver Darcy from CNN calling up my eleven year old sister while she is sitting in her sixth grade classroom, over and over again. I have had Rachel Maddow implicating my mother in this, simply because my cell phone happens to be on a family plan – something which is perfectly normal — it has been reported to law enforcement.

“This is all an effort as we know to protect Robert Mueller, who many people know to be a character who is not on the up and up. These allegations will come forward. The accusers will tell their stories in a credible way, with corroboration. Now, believe me, we’ve received plenty of b.s. accusations, where we get somebody that comes in, they’ve got some story to tell about Mueller, we look into it, its like ‘hey, he wasn’t even there, sorry. You don’t have a witness– we can’t help you.’ We are bringing forth accusations against Robert Mueller which are 100 percent credible.”

With midterm elections less than a week away, Wohl insisted that his decision to come forward with the accuser now is not politically opportune.

“We started vetting her case the beginning of October, maybe late September. We came forward now because this is the soonest time in which we felt comfortable coming forward. We needed to make sure this was rock solid,” he said. “We were not going to bring forward a Christine Blasey Ford whose going to get up there and say ‘ I don’t remember when it happened, I don’t remember where it happened – sometime in the ‘80’s.

“In this case, not only is the accuser credible, but one of her best friends who was also there watched her go up to the hotel room allegedly with Robert Mueller. This corroborating witness is also very credible. This is not a person looking for profit. These are not people who are politically motivated. These people aren’t political, they’ve never voted. They are certainly not looking for profit, and they certainly don’t need profit. I’ll put it this way, these are a couple of very wealth people, prominent people.”

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