EXCLUSIVE: Bannon: Vote Red, Even for the RINO, Never Trumper Because Dems ‘Promise Trump’s Head On A Pike’ (VIDEO)

Every Trump supporter must vote for the Republican running in their district on Tuesday or the Democrats, who are “promising Trump’s head on a pike,” will win control of the House and the Senate and ultimately impeach the president, predicts former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Even if you have to vote for a RINO or a ‘Never Trumper,’ vote red, Bannon cautioned in a wide ranging interview with The Gateway Pundit.

“Every Trump supporter has to vote, particularly in these key districts for these congressmen. I don’t care even if the congressman is a RINO, that’s a discussion for a different day. This is a referendum on Trump,” he said. “That congressman, whether he is a RINO, whether he is a ‘Never Trumper,’ whether you don’t like him, whether you think he’s too milquetoast, he’s a proxy vote for the Trump presidency.

“What the Democrats are doing now is psychological warfare. They are trying to say ‘hey this thing is over, it’s going to be a blue wave,'” Bannon said. “Everybody on our side is a big believer in history and they study history. This is historic. This Tuesday is the first reelect of Donald Trump.”

Democrats are at an advantage ahead of the midterms, Bannon warned, because its base isn’t divided like the establishment and anti-establishment factions of the GOP.

“It’s still this tension between the grassroots and the establishment ongoing. The Democrats have never had this. They have been promised Trump’s head on a pike on Tuesday. The young people – the ‘Times Up movement,’ the ‘Resistance’ – they have been walking districts like the Tea Party. They’ve been walking districts in June and July in the hot heat and humidity, for one thing. Not to work with Donald Trump on prison reform. They have been promised his head on a pike, that he will be impeached. If we hold the House of Representatives, even by one seat they will be just shattered.”

“If we hold the House, they will turn on each other with a viciousness that we’ve never seen before. Remember, Jim Hoft, The Breitbart crowd, the Gateway Pundit crowd, we’ve been at this ant-establishment-establishment civil war for nine years inside the Republican party.”


After a Trump supporter from Florida was charged with sending ‘mail bombs’ to at least a dozen top Democrats and a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs opened fire inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, the GOP may have lost some momentum ahead of the midterm elections, Bannon argued, but Republicans can still maintain control of the House and the Senate if every Trump supporter votes red.

“Given the tragedy the last couple of weeks, between the pipe bombs and the massacre in Pittsburgh – momentum shifted. I think that up until that time we had the momentum to hold the Senate and maybe pick up two or three seats. I thought in the House, we’d hold it by two or three seats. I don’t know right now,” he said.

“What I do know – it’s very simple – if the Trump base and everybody in the Trump base that hears this, if they for the next two days stop binge-watching Netflix and literally get online, get on one of these volunteer phone banks, get all your friends.”

Trump supporters do not need to devote time convincing liberals to support Trump in order for the GOP to win the midterms, Bannon explained, they only need to focus their attention on convincing conservatives to go to the polls and vote for the Republican running in their district.

“If the people who go to Gateway Pundit, which are millions of people, if those people start to connect with all the other people they know that are Trump followers – you don’t have to convert anybody, forget conversations —  just get the people that support Trump,” he said. “Make sure they vote, and make sure everybody they know voted. If we just get the Trump base, not only are we going to hold the Senate and pick up seats, I think we can hold the House of Representatives by a couple of seats. I do not think this a foregone conclusion.”

While Democrats may have more momentum and unity ahead of the election, Democrats accelerated the GOP base with its mistreatment of newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, Bannon contends.

“How the Democrats comported themselves during the hearing – for the first time we could visualize what going forward would be like if the House of Representatives is taken by the Democrats. People could see this is going to be like the Moscow show trials every day,” he said. “You could actually see how the Democrats with the gavel and subpoena power would run things.

“What happened in the gallery of the Senate, that out of control thing, and in the plaza capital, and in front of the Supreme Court where it was literally a mob scene out of the French Revolution. If you had pulled the guillotines out there, they’d be taking heads off. People saw that anarchy and said ‘it’s time for me to go to a phone bank, its time for me to start walking a precinct. That is the first time – the nationalization of the election plus Kavanaugh started to galvanize the Trump base to say ‘I got it, the left has been out there working and we have to match that.’

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