Ex-CIA Chief and Never-Trumper Slanders Gateway Pundit and Claims our Website is Racist for Posting Patriotic NFL Story (Video)

In September 2017 former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva was the ONLY Steeler to come out for the National Anthem for the Sunday game. Villanueva stood in the tunnel while the rest of the team hid in the locker room like disrespectful cowards.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this display of patriotism:

Villanueva stood with his hand over his heart and sang along with pride during the National Anthem.

The 28-year-old former Army Ranger is a bronze star recipient and served three tours in Afghanistan.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he noticed Villanueva during a preseason game because of the way he stood during the National Anthem, according to an article in NFL.com.

Not once in our original Gateway Pundit article did we mention that Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin is a Democrat, a Hillary supporter or that he was black.

Despite this—- former CIA Chief Michael Hayden smeared The Gateway Pundit and Infowars as racists in a DC October speech for reporting on this story.

The story went viral due to the fact that this former West Point grad and Afghanistan veteran stood for the US flag — NOT because the coach was black.

Michael Hayden said in his speech in October 2017 that the Gateway Pundit and Infowars reported on this story because we wanted to smear the black coach.

Here is what Michael Hayden told an audience about “fake news” while promoting his book.

Gen. Michael Hayden: That thematic, echoing the Russians, gets picked up by the alt-right media right here in the United States. Alex Jones, Infowars, Gateway Pundit, the alt-right takes it pretty racial pretty fast. That’s the demographic of the NFL. My Steelers played in Chicago, remember the scene, Alejandro, Villanueva, left tackle, Iconic picture, hand over heart, while the rest of the team stood in the runway… And the alt-right took that ran with it because of the coach, Mike Tomlin, African-American, and spiraled this down even further.

Follow the link for the video:

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