Democrats Launch Training Sessions for “1000 Volunteer” Lawyers to Manage Recount and Steal in Florida

Democrats have produced tens of thousands of ballots several days after the election–even worse, Broward County refused to disclose how many ballots they had left to tabulate which allowed them to count however many they needed to bring the Democrats within the margin of a recount.

While Republicans have ‘election day,’ the Democrats enjoy ‘election week’ or ‘election month.’

67 Florida counties have until 3 PM Thursday to finish their recount of the midterm ballots.

Palm Beach County was given extra days to finish their recount.

Criminal investigations were launched against Broward and Palm Beach County election officials following the mysterious 80,000 votes that suddenly appeared two days after election day in Broward County.


Sean Hannity told his audience on Wednesday that he has information that evidence has been turned over to law enforcement on criminal activity in Broward County.

Democrats are organizing an army of lawyers to assist the steal in Florida.
This was a text message sent to The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday.

The source is in Washington DC.

Let’s hope Republicans are as organized.

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