Democrats Are Running Fake Ads Against GOP Candidate Mike Braun in Indiana Pretending to Be Conservatives

Any lie will do when you are Democrat and running in a red state.

Democrats in Indiana are running ads against Republican candidate Mike Braun aimed at libertarian voters.

The ads claim Braun will raise tax rates — something NO REPUBLICAN and EVERY DEMOCRAT voted for in the current Congress.

The ads are titled “Hoosier Conservative” even though they are sponsored by the Democrat Party.


Democrats are hoping Indiana voters will not link the ads to the radical far left modern Democrat party of Schumer and Pelosi.

The Daily Beast reported:

In a tight contest, the strategy appears to be divide and conquer.

Indiana Democrats are funding a last-minute attempt to split the Republican vote in the state’s crucial Senate contest by boosting the race’s long-shot Libertarian candidate.

The state Democratic Party began purchasing Facebook ads on Thursday questioning the conservative bona fides of Republican challenger Mike Braun by, among other things, suggesting he backed Hillary Clinton in 2016. The ads, which encouraged voters to back  Libertarian Party candidate Lucy Brenton, say they are “authorized by Donnelly for Indiana,” the campaign of incumbent Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly.

“Mike Braun will say anything to get elected, but the fact is that he was an active Democrat for decades, and voted to raise your taxes 159 times,” one of the ads reads. Libertarian Party candidate “Lucy Brenton is the true anti-tax conservative.”

That ad and half a dozen like it are being run on two pages titled Tax Hike Mike Braun and Hoosier Conservatives. Both pages were created on Wednesday and appear to be nothing but platforms for the Democratic ads they’re hosting, though neither says that it’s a project of state Democrats. Each of the ads links to Brenton’s campaign website.

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