Day of Reckoning: Will Americans Reject the Democrat Policies of Anger and Division? The World is Watching…

During a rally on Nov. 1 in Columbia Missouri, President Trump proclaimed, “We are taking this country back, returning power to you, the American People.” Make no mistake, he is speaking to every one of us, who are blessed enough to be citizens of this beautiful dynamic country.

Drawing night after night the largest, most enthusiastic crowds in Midterm Election history, President Trump declares his continued mission to restore America’s surpassing greatness on all levels. In Fort Wayne, Indiana, President Trump beckons all Americans to join his mission, stating, ” I am asking every citizen from every party, background and every race, color, and creed to reject the Democrats’ policies of anger and division, and to unite behind our proud and righteous destiny as Americans.”

By every measurement, his strategies and policies have delivered transformative results. In less than 2 yrs, President Trump has expanded American liberties to an unprecedented degree, including historic levels of productivity and economic growth, historic employment opportunity for Americans across nearly every demographic, the restoration of US military prowess, the reinstatement of rule of law, the broadening of religious liberties including restoring freedom speech in America’s Christian Churches, and the re-establishment of a sound US national security policy.

In shocking contrast, America was literally brought to the brink of economic collapse under the Democratic Party’s leadership. Case in point– the US GDP growth was flat-lining, registering at 1.6% for the 2016 fiscal year. Clearly this was by design, as mere ideological proclivities could not rationally account for the US economic wealth destruction that occurred during the Obama Era, the effects of which were primarily bore by the middle class and by America’s most financially vulnerable individuals. As President Trump has stated numerous times, if he wouldn’t have been elected, the US economy would already be in a negative GDP free-fall.

In 2016, it was indeed unimaginable to think that in less than 2 years, the US could roar back from the precipice to have the strongest economy in the world achieving GDP growth of 3-4%, a booming manufacturing sector, and the addition of more than $10 trillion in wealth from corporate investment and stock market value creation to the US Economy. As if this were not enough, for the first time since 1973, the US leads the world in oil production, surpassing the crude production of both Russia and Saudi Arabia, which was previously unthinkable, All of these economic achievements are being attained while China, the US’s main economic rival, is showing marked weakness in it’s manufacturing and industrial sectors and losses of 25% in it’s equities markets.

Even as the corrupt and compromised legacy media organizations attempt to bury President Trump’s historic achievements, the positive results can be felt in every community in America. President Trump’s statement that “Republicans have created the best economy in the history of our country” is indeed true by every metric.

The world is watching to see if the American People have the will and vision to fully take their country back by voting to remove once and for all the over-reaching influence of Anti-American transnationalist individuals, foreign interests, and corrupt globalist corporations, all of which have sought to strip US economic power and dismantle US sovereignty. It is an irrefutable fact that these parties have purchased through a web of dark money political organizations, foundations, lobbying efforts controlling influence over the Democrat Party.

As the most critical Midterm Elections in Modern US History looms, an election characterized by vast global and moral implications, President Trump continues in his historic charge to uproot a global corrupt system. President Trump’s call to action echoes the timeless edict of President John F. Kennedy, ” My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

Yes the world is watching on this day of reckoning.

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