Corrupt Democrat Bill Nelson Calls on Gov. Rick Scott to Recuse Himself From Florida Recount Process

Dem Florida Senator Bill Nelson

Democrat Bill Nelson, the incumbent candidate running for US Senate is calling on his opponent, the current Governor of Florida Rick Scott, to recuse himself from the recount process.

Bill Nelson accused Governor Rick Scott of ‘undermining the votes of Floridians,’ but didn’t say a word about Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes who is blatantly defying a judge’s orders and refusing to count votes in accordance with the law.

Via Fox 35 Orlando:


On Monday, Bill Nelson called for Rick Scott to recuse himself from “any role” in Florida’s recount process, as the supervisors of elections across the state begin a mandatory machine recount of more than 8.2 million ballots cast in this year’s U.S. Senate race.

“[Rick Scott] should remove himself from any role in the recount process so the people can have confidence in the integrity of the election,” Nelson said in a video statement released by his campaign. “Given his efforts to undermine the votes of Floridians, this is the only way that we can ensure that the people’s votes are protected. “

Nelson went on to say that Scott is “using his power as governor to try to undermine the voting process”  and that his recent actions make clear that he “cannot oversee this process in a fair and impartial way.”

On Sunday, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) filed two emergency motions in Broward County and Palm Beach County as he ramped up his legal fight going into the recount.

Governor Scott also took legal action to bar the Broward County canvassing board from counting ballots produced after the Saturday noon deadline previously ordered by a judge.

A Broward judge denied Scott’s request to impound the voting machines on Monday and now Bill Nelson is calling for the Governor to recuse himself from the recount process.

Democrat lawyers descended on Florida shortly after the election last week in order to steal the election.

Swamp dweller and Hillary Clinton fixer Marc Elias of Perkins Coie is representing the corrupt Democrat incumbent Senator Bill Nelson.

Rick Scott must not recuse himself and all hands need to be on deck fighting Perkins Coie as they try to steal two top ticket races in Florida.

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