Charles C. W. Cooke: Current Totals Look Promising for Florida Republicans Scott and DeSantis

ALL Florida counties met the latest deadline on Saturday at noon to turn over their election totals.

Governor Rick Scott leads Sen. Nelson by 12,562 votes after three days of Broward and Palm Beach County ballot manufacturing operations.

This is down from his 80,000 vote lead on election night.

Broward and Palm Beach counties have been manufacturing ballots since Tuesday night.

National Review editor Charles C. W. Cooke posted a series of tweets on where things stand in Florida as of noon on Saturday.

Ron DeSantis now leads by 33,684 votes
Rick Scott now leads by 12,562 votes

All 67 counties have turned in their vote counts.

Overseas ballots marked on November 6th will be included if they arrive by November 16th.

DeSantis is leading Gillum by 33,684 votes, a margin of 0.410%, his race will not be manually recounted—unless the automatic recount is so dramatic that it reduces the margin to 0.25% or below.

Rick Scott’s lead, however, is 12,562—0.154%—so a manual recount is guaranteed.

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