BREAKING: Palm Beach Fails to Meet Election Recount Deadline After Machines Break Down

Palm Beach elections supervisor Susan Bucher

Palm Beach County missed the election recount deadline Thursday after the ballot counting machines broke down earlier this week.

Since Palm Beach county failed to make the 3 PM Thursday deadline, their numbers from the initial count on Saturday will stand.

An Obama-appointed judge did rule earlier Thursday that approximately 5,000 voters whose mail-in ballots were rejected due to mismatched signatures would be given until Saturday 5 PM to fix the ballots.


Fox News reported:

Florida’s already farcical recount was dealt yet another blow Thursday when Palm Beach County failed to meet a 3 p.m. deadline, with the election supervisor blaming faulty equipment.

As a result of the county failing to make the deadline, the only one of Florida’s 67, the numbers from the initial count, which were completed Saturday, will stand.

The announcement came soon after a federal judge ruled that 5,000 voters whose mail-in ballots were rejected because of signature issues be given an additional two days to fix the problem.

Palm Beach Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher earlier told reporters she was disappointed her county would miss the deadline.

“The reality is that we were very close two nights ago and then our machines went down,” she said. “It’s not for lack of human effort.”

A federal judge rejected Democrat Bill Nelson’s request to give counties more time to finish recounts, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

The ballot counting machines in Palm Beach County broke down Tuesday evening.

The elections supervisor Susan Bucher said that they had to rerun all early vote tallies in the Senate race.

It looks like the clock ran out for Palm Beach County, but the fight isn’t over just yet.

The Democrats will fight to steal Florida until the bitter end.

This story is still developing.

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