AWFUL. FOX News Host Chris Wallace Tells President Trump: You’re Seen as a “Beacon for Repression” (VIDEO)

It seems with each week FOX News loses a little more respect from its conservative and pro-Trump base.

Last week FOX News jumped on a court case to support Jim Acosta’s right to be a jackass and hijack White House pressers.

On Sunday FOX News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace told the US President in his one-on-one interview that he is seen as a “beacon of repression” around the world.

That was an outrageous question from the FOX News host.

The media is over 90% negative on Trump despite his record economy and stellar foreign policy and Wallace attacks the president for questioning the fake news media?

How awful.


The Hill reported:

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace told President Trump that he is viewed as a “beacon for repression around the world” because of his repeated attacks against the press.

Wallace made the statement to Trump while conducting a sit-down interview with the president that was aired on Sunday. In it, Wallace pressed Trump about his rhetoric in regard to the media, noting that most presidents haven’t like the coverage of their administrations.

“No president has liked his press coverage … Nobody called it the enemy of the American people,” Wallace said.

“The fake news is the enemy — it’s fake, it’s phony,” Trump replied, before claiming that he doesn’t mind negative press coverage if he gets something wrong.

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