Authors of Bogus Guardian Story About Assange/Manafort Meeting Have Previously Fabricated Stories About WikiLeaks

The authors of the ridiculous Guardian story alleging that Paul Manafort repeatedly met with Julian Assange have previously fabricated stories about the WikiLeaks founder.

Harding especially has a long history of smearing Assange — who has been calling him out on his plagiarism for years.

The editor of pointed out on Twitter that the authors, Dan Collyns and Luke Harding, were in Ecuador ten days ago with US-funded Fernando Villavicencio — who they have previously bylined with in other bogus stories. 


The trio previously published completely false claims that Assange had hacked the systems of the Ecuadorian embassy. The article had to be modified after WikiLeaks threatened to sue.

Villavicencio also specifically fabricated claims about people visiting Assange in the past.

In May, Villavicencio claimed Nigel Farage visited Assange on April, 28 of this year. That would be one month after Ecuador initiated its eight month-long isolation of Assange.

He was not allowed visitors, phone calls, or access to the internet at that time. The claim was entirely false.

It is absolutely shocking that the Guardian would continue to publish these discredited hacks.

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