Arrogant Obama Explains Why He’s Better than the “Ja-Mokes” He’s Dealt With in Senate, White House and at G-20 (VIDEO)

Thank you, Lord!
We know longer have to listen to this arrogant fool on a daily basis.

Barack Obama owns the worst economic recovery in US history. Obama was the only president to not see a single year with a 3.0 GDP. Obama’s economic policies were only slightly better than his dangerous and foolish foreign policy.

But in Barack Obama’s mind he is “The One,” the greatest human to walk on this earth since Christ.


On Monday Barack Obama spoke to a youthful audience at The Obama Foundation in Chicago.

Obama took time to explain why he was better than all the “j-mokes” he’s dealt with in the US Senate, in the White House, and with foreign leaders.

He also took a swipe at President Trump.

Barack Obama: Here’s an interesting thing that happens when you’re president, or when you go through the experience of being president. So, you start off. You’re a community organizer and you try to get people to recognize each other, build common interest. And, you know, you’re trying to get some project done in a small community. And you start thinking, you know what? This alderman is a knucklehead and they’re resisting from doing the right thing… And then you go to the state legislature and you look around and say, these j-mokes dealing with me… So you think these are just like the alderman so I gotta do something different. Then you go to the US Senate and you’re looking around and you’re like “Awe, man.” And then when you’re president you’re sitting in these international meetings and it’s like the G-20 and you got all these world leaders and it’s the same people!

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