UPDATED: Antifa Riot in Portland – Moon Police – Then Douse Them with Liquid (PHOTO + VIDEOS)

Antifa terrorists showed up to a Portland rally Saturday to cause trouble.

Members from the Patriot Prayer Group in Portland held a “Him Too” rally in Portland on Saturday and they were met with hundreds of black-clad, masked Antifa thugs.

“Protest events are officially underway in Portland, as about 60-70 people march behind this Democratic Socialists of America banner on their way to counterprotest a Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys-related “him too” protest in downtown Portland,” reported Mike Bivins.

Antifa clashed with riot police in Portland Saturday.

One of the far-left protesters mooned the police as others doused the officers in a liquid (presumably urine).

Photo + Video:

Antifa clashed with Portland riot police, shouting “wheres the f*cking mayor and chief of police?”

“Police tried to grab a black-clad counterprotester and he got away,” reported Mike Bivins


Antifa carted in several “guillotines”–this one is affixed to a Goodwill cart

UPDATE: As the #HimToo rally wound down, and the Pro Trump rally goers started to leave, antifa confronted them on a street corner a few blocks away from the event. Antifa started throwing debris and explosives at the Trump supporters. Police in riot gear intervened and separated the groups.

There are also reports that the original Him Too organizers are currently being held by DHS federal police in Schrunk Plaza, the park where the event took place, due to a suspicious briefcase left on a corner.

Meanwhile, another skirmish broke out a few blocks away out front of the Hatfield federal courthouse, where a gang of antifa thugs ganged up and attacked someone who doesn’t even appear to be associated with any of the political events going on.

MEANWHILE, gay Asian reporter Andy Ngo was apparently attacked by antifa as well.


Ngo is enduring further harassment from Rose City Antifa.

One of the Rose City Antifa apologists is even hurling racist epithets at Ngo.


Andy Ngo writes for the Wall Street Journal, Quillette, and runs his own podcast called Things You Should Ngo.

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