ANN COULTER on Caravans: Democrats Wanted a Political Stunt and Women and Children Are Being Killed Because of It (VIDEO)

Author and columnist Ann Coulter joined FOX News host Laura Ingraham on Friday to discuss the latest news on the illegal migrant caravans marching to the US southern border.

Ann Coulter lashed out at Democrats for turning their back on abused women and children.

Ann Coulter: The people who did organize this, ‘Countries without Borders,’ in Spanish, they are setting up women and children to be raped, murdered, sold to other people as you say from all of this reporting we’re getting now. They ought to be prosecuted for inciting, for encouraging human smuggling. We have laws on the books about this… Look I don’t want all of Latin America moving to our country but I don’t want them to be murdered and raped along the way. Leftists don’t care. They wanted a political stunt and women and children are being killed because of it.


Via The Ingraham Angle:

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