WTH? Idiot Mazie Hirono Says Kavanaugh Did Not have Anyone to Corroborate His Story But Christine Ford Did (VIDEO)

This woman is dumb as a brick.
Senator Mazie Hirono told CNN on Sunday morning Judge Brett Kavanaugh did not have anyone to corroborate his story but Christine Ford did.
How stupid.

Mazie Hirono: I certainly believe Dr. Ford. Anybody watching her testimony would know, I’d say, would conclude that she was being very truthful. And the one thing she recollects with 100% accuracy is that Judge Kavanaugh, that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her.

Dana Bash: You think that Senator Collins is insulting to Professor Ford?

Mazie Hirono: Well, to say that she thinks that Dr. Ford thinks that she was assaulted. What is that? Is she mistaken? She, herself, said that she heard from so many survivors from her state and elsewhere… I also note that in your interview she also said that there was no corroboration. Um, there was not corroboration on Brett Kavanaugh’s bald assertion that he didn’t do it. Because the people that the FBI interviewed which was a small number of the dozens that they should have interviewed they all said that they have no recollection. That is hardly what I would call exoneration. But on her side there was corroboration because she had talked about this assault to her husband to others before Brett Kavanaugh was ever nominated to the Supreme Court.

Once again, Hirono has NO IDEA what she is talking about.

EVERY ALLEGED WITNESS to Ford’s 36-year-old story says they don’t remember the incident and don’t even remember the party!

Even Ford’s friend, who was pressured by Democrats to lie about the incident, told investigators she did not remember the incident and had NEVER been to a party with Brett Kavanaugh. Someone needs to explain to Mazie what corroboration means.


Come on Hawaii, you can do better than this!

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