WOW! GAY JEWISH JOURNALIST Tossed From Synagogue by Democrat Andrew Gillum – for Highlighting His Anti-Semitism! –VIDEO

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum held a campaign event today at the Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El Temple in Plantation, Florida.

Gillum has a long history of aligning himself with anti-Semitic groups that are anti-Israel.

But as the event was starting Andrew Gillum had a gay Jewish journalist DRAGGED from the meeting.

Jacob Engels was asking a question on Gillum’s history of anti-Semitism when he was tossed from the event– at a Jewish synagogue!

Jacob told The Gateway Pundit Gillum needs to apologize,

“Andrew Gillum and the leaders of the Democratic Party must denounce the violent mob assault against my cameraman and I last Friday. They must release the names of all attendees of the event and staffers working the event. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than facing down a rabid mob… but then he ejected Jews from a synagogue. Is he dressing up as Uncle Adolf for Halloween?

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer also attended the event on Thursday.
Gillum also had Laura Loomer forcibly removed from the premises.

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