Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Goes Off on Racist Tirade Against White Women After Speech by Susan Collins

The left is not taking this well.
On Friday Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) delivered an hour speech in defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Republican senator used reason and evidence to support her position, something that is unheard of on the American left today.

To close her speech she told the US Senate she would support Judge Kavanaugh and vote to confirm him as the next justice of the Supreme Court.

The left suffered a major meltdown following this historic speech.


Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour went off on a racist tirade against white women following Collins’s speech.

Sarsour: Senator Susan Collins is the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%.

She is a disgrace & her legacy will be that she was a traitor to women and marginalized communities. History will not treat her kindly.

And here is another racist tweet from Sarsour.

Sarsour was arrested during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.
She is a leading voice on the left today.

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