WATCH: McCaskill Questioned About Project Veritas Videos During Missouri Debate

Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill fumbled during her debate against Republican challenger Josh Hawley, when she was asked by a member of the audience about undercover footage of her campaign that was released by Project Veritas.

Thursday was the final debate between McCaskill and Hawley before the midterm election.

An audience member asked McCaskill if she would vote for a gun ban like she said in the Project Veritas videos.

“Let me just say about the Veritas videos, there was nothing in those videos that were bad from my perspective because people in Missouri know where I stand on these issues. They got some kids behind closed doors talking about of school, big deal. I’ll tell you what was a big deal. They fraudulently embedded themselves in my campaign for weeks, for weeks, misrepresenting who they were. They got into our computers, proprietary information, for 20 hours. Who knows what they stole. They weren’t there to help me. They were there to help Josh Hawley,” McCaskill said.


McCaskill has been calling on Hawley, who also happens to be Missouri’s attorney general, to investigate James O’Keefe — and took time during the debate to complain about his lack of action.

“And the idea that a complaint has been filed with the Attorney General’s office, and when we called to ask about the complaint they said call the campaign. The Attorney General’s office can not allow there to be a new normal that fraud can be committed in anybody’s campaign. I don’t care if its somebody I’m for or somebody I’m against. If somebody can come in and commit fraud and get in your computers and the Attorney General does nothing, that cannot be the new normal,” McCaskill’s rant continued.

Hawley interjected at this point and said that McCaskill was caught saying something on video and is now blaming him. He said that she has asked the state of Missouri to appoint a prosecutor with taxpayer money to go after her political opponents.

“Now I know its become fashionable on campuses for liberal democrats to shut down speakers they don’t like. But I have never heard of the state appointing a prosecutor with taxpayer money to go after a political opponent. And to accuse me, I just think, we’re at the desperation phase of Senator McCaskill’s campaign,” Hawley said.

McCaskill next accused Hawley of looking the other way over the video.

“Ms. McCaskill, do you blame Mr. Hawley’s campaign for that video?” the moderator asked.

“No, I don’t blame him for that video. But what I do blame him for is when a complaint is filed under the Merchandise Practicing Act, which he talks about and touts all the time, with a clear prima-facie case is laid out, that instead of immediately saying of course we’ll look into it, they refer us to his campaign. As if this was not a serious a matter. That’s what I’m complaining about,” McCaskill replied.

The moderator turned to Hawley and asked if his campaign had anything to do with the Project Veritas video — and he said that it did not.

Watch the original Project Veritas video on McCaskill, and how she hides her agenda from voters:

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