#WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka: ‘A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for Socialism, Communism, Censorship, Illegal Immigrants’

Conservatives, who have been relentlessly branded as “sexist,” “racist,” “homophobic,” “xenophobic,” “nazis” by the left and the mainstream media, have “warmly embraced” him, Brandon Straka, the gay former progressive who founded the #WalkAway campaign told The Gateway Pundit.

But the left, on the other the hand, he argued, continue to demonstrate intolerance, dishonesty, hypocrisy and bigotry.

“I haven’t experienced [discrimination] at all since I’ve become a conservative, which is a transition that has been about a year and half in the making – I’ve been warmly embraced,” he explained during the Dummycrats movie premiere in Washington DC.


“I hear from Americans all over the country, they send me messages of support and encouragement and they tell me how much they love the Walk Away campaign that I’m doing. I feel like I’ve been very warmly embraced. Which has not been my experience dealing with the left since I’ve had my conversion.”

When asked how he’s been received by his liberals, Straka noted, “I don’t think I have any leftist friends.”

The Walk Away campaign will hopefully encourage all Americans to “vote red on Nov 6.,” Straka said.

“This is so important to vote – even if you are someone who has just walked away, it’s okay if you are not a Republican, it’s okay if you don’t know exactly where you fit right now – but on Nov. 6 of this year you have to get out and vote and you have to vote red. You have to vote red, because a non-vote is a vote for a Democrat, and a vote for a Democrat right now is a vote for socialism, it’s a vote for communism, it’s a vote for censorship, it’s a vote for illegal immigrants over American citizens.”

“The Democrat Party wants you to believe that due to the color of your skin, due to your gender, due to your sexual orientation due to your educational background – where ever you come from—that you cannot succeed because the system is rigged against you,” he argued. “That the system is rigged to only favor men, white people, heterosexuals and that is not true – it simply is not true.”

Straka released a video that went viral on May 26  titled, “Why I Left The Democratic Party,” in which he details his transition from progressive to conservative. Over the last seven months, thousands of former progressives have joined the #WalkAway campaign, sharing their own stories on social media.

Just weeks before the midterm elections, on October 26 – 28, the first #WalkAway march is slated to take place in Washington, D.C.

The event will kick off with a gala dinner at the Trump International Hotel on the evening of October 26. On October 27, the march to the Capitol Building is set to take place, followed by a rally on the national mall featuring entertainment and various speakers including Dinesh D’Souza, Stacey Dash, Joy Villa, Mason Weaver, Buzz Patterson, and others. Dave Rubin, Herman Cain, Tomi Lahren, and Antonio Sabato Jr. cannot attend in person, but have provided videotaped remarks. On October 28, there will be a final brunch, which will also feature several speakers.

Straka told The Gateway Pundit that he walked away from the Democrat Party because “like so many other people, I’ve just become exhausted with identity politics” and “exhausted with political correctness gone wild.”

But the mainstream media’s bold-faced lies is what opened his eyes to the corruption of the left.

“Really the major catalyst for me was the discovery of just how dishonest the liberal media is and has been,” he said. “It’s getting worse and worse. When I look back at the things I used to believe that the media was telling me – some of them were bad. But what I am seeing now are just straight out lies, and straight out manipulations.”

The most prominent example of the media’s dishonesty and liberal bias, Straka argued, is their portrayal of rapper Kanye West and Omarosa, former political aide to President  Trump.

“Before Kanye spoke out even a little bit, in favor of the president or in favor of this administration he was a genius, they loved him. Kanye could do no wrong. The second that he made those [pro-Trump] comments, now he is mentally ill and he shouldn’t be listened to,” he said. “Now, look at Omarosa – they had nothing nice to say about this woman when she was in the office, but as soon as she turned on the president, now all the sudden she’s a genius. It’s almost like her and Kanye have switched places in the left’s mind – it’s absurd.”

The Walk Away movement is not only a platform for leftists who are abandoning the Democrat Party, Straka explained, but to provide an opportunity for conservative Americans across the country to “take back the narrative.”

“It’s time for the silent majority to become ‘unsilent.’ This is one of the things that we are doing with the Walk Away campaign, giving a voice back to the people through these testimonials. It’s not just the people on the left who are walking away from the Democratic party. It’s also people who are the right telling their testimonials, taking back the narrative of what it really means to be a conservative in America,” he said. “They are not racists. They are not bigots. They are not Nazis. They are not homophones. These are really good people who are patriotic. They care about their country. They care about America.

“They support the president and they deserve better than the rap that they are getting by the liberal media. That’s what I really want – is for people to start pushing back on the right, take their voice back and don’t take this crap when people are calling them racist and bigots.”

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