VIDEO: Pro-Abortion Activist Roundhouse Kicks a Young Pro-Life Woman in the Face …Update: Thug Identified – Jordan Hunt

It’s not just the American left – Canada also has its violent women-beating leftists…

In Toronto this week a far left activist kicked a pro-life activist in the face.

This stunt will be ignored by the liberal media.

Via Cernovich:

UPDATE— The thug was identified.
The Human Defense Initiative reported:

The Human Defense Initiative has identified the assailant as Jordan Hunt, a hairdresser in Toronto, Canada.

During the event, Hunt vandalized multiple pro-life signs. He then sought support and recognition for his handiwork from an abortion activist standing nearby, at which point Bissonette began filming the encounter.

Bissonette made it clear she was filming the protester and informed him he had just destroyed private property, at which point he became belligerent and began questioning Bissonette on her opinions of pregnancy due to rape. When she began to answer, the protester wound up and roundhouse kicked her, causing the phone to drop.

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