VIDEO: Dem Candidate Elissa Slotkin FLEES From Journalist When Asked About Her Role in Disastrous Iran Nuke Deal

Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI) is a conservative Republican running for reelection in Michigan’s 8th District. The district includes all of Ingham County, Livingston County, and north Oakland County.
Mike is a proven conservative, a huge Trump supporter and an all around great guy.

Mike Bishop is also a top target for the Pelosi Democrats this year.

Democrats are running far left Obama official Elissa Slotkin in the Michigan district even though her real home is in Washington DC.

Slotkin was a junkman for the Obama regime.

Elissa Slotkin was also one of the “brains” behind the insane Iran deal.
This should tell you everything you need to know about this Democrat.

Anyone who would bribe Iran with a pallet of cash and $50 billion to sign a worthless piece of paper does not need to be back in office.

Now this…


On Thursday night during a campaign stop, Elissa Slotkin was confronted by a Michigan resident about her role in the Obama Iran deal that resulted in billions of US dollars being spent by the rogue regime to support terror.

Slotkin fled the room!

Michigan resident: Elissa I just wanted to know what your involvement was with the Iran Deal with the pallets of cash that were sent to…

Slotkin: (running) You’re asking me … interview. I’m sorry.

Michigan resident: But did you have any involvement in that? Is that why you’re not answering me because you were involved in that? With Obama to send pallets of cash to Iran to support terrorism? You don’t have any comment?

Amazing! Elissa Slotkin REFUSED TO DISCUSS her role in the flawed deal!
She ran from the room!

Slotkin DOES NOT want Michigan voters to know her extensive role in the devastating Iran nuclear deal!

She will RUN instead!

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