UNREAL. Anti-Israel Democrat Andrew Gillum Has Jewish Reporter Laura Loomer Tossed from a Synagogue (VIDEO)

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum held a campaign event today at the Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El Temple in Plantation, Florida.

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer attended the event on Thursday.
But Gillum had Laura Loomer forcibly removed from the premises.



Laura was seated and waiting peacefully for the event to start when Gillum had two security guards remove her for no reason.

Laura is pro-Israel. Gillum aligns with groups that are anti-Israel.
And Laura was tossed from the synagogue!

Here is the video from earlier today.

UPDATE: From a local leader–

To be fair to Gillum, no press were supposed to be in the event.

Temple Kol Ami had DeSantis 2 weeks ago and no press was allowed. Temple Kol Ami broadcast the event to reporters outside via Facebook. Temple Kol Ami is trying to skate the law a bit by calling both the DeSantis and Gillum events “non-partisan question and answer event”. Not only is Temple Kol Ami obviously a religious organization, they are also one of the larger polling precincts in Plantation for the elections.

Now, if you want the real story…….. Debbie Wasserman Schultz arranged the Gillum event. In order to skate that partisan angle, DeSantis was invited to a separate event. NO ONE was allowed to speak at the DeSantis event. Joe Kaufman (DWS’ s opponent) wanted to speak and was NOT allowed. However at the Gillum event both DWS and Ted Deutch spoke.

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