Unhinged Sen. Gillibrand Says Senate Is Going to Turn Its Back on Women by Voting to Confirm Kavanaugh

Unhinged liberal Democrat Senator spoke on the Senate Floor today following the cloture vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Friday and before the final vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Saturday afternoon.

Gillibrand’s Saturday speech was complete lunacy.

Senator Gillibrand: It’s also a painful day for men who were hoping to see this senate stand on the right side of history. Today is just a few hours the United States Senate is going to turn its back on righteousness. It’s going to turn its back on the fairness and reason. And it’s going to turn its back on women.


It’s also to turn its back on mob violence — Something Gillibrand supports.

Senator Gillibrand was supportive of at least two other prominent sex abuse hoaxes.

Gillibrand led the charge against a University of Virginia fraternity accused of rape by The Rolling Stone.
The entire report ended up being a complete hoax.
The Rolling Stone later agreed to pay the UVA fraternity $1.65 million for their discredited rape accusations.

And Senator Gillibrand brought “Mattress Girl” to the State of the Union Address in 2015, a confused woman who also lied about her sexual abuse.

h3>Kirsten Gillibrand is dangerous.

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