UK Government Launches Probe after British Soldiers Pose with Tommy Robinson for Photo

On Tuesday pro-UK activist Tommy Robinson posted video of himself with British troops.

The British soldiers in the video were singing, “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson.”

The video went viral.


Tommy Robinson is a pro-England activist who made a name for himself when he started to speak out publicly against radical Islam, the Muslim rape gangs and Muslim enclaves in England.

In May Tommy Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in prison for filming outside a Muslim grooming gang trial in Leeds. He won his appeal and was released early in August.

On Tuesday the British Army opened an investigation after Tommy posted photos and video of himself with British soldiers.

This is the United Kingdom today.

The Daily Mail reported:

The Army is investigating after far-right activist Tommy Robinson posted a photograph of himself surrounded by soldiers.

The former English Defence League (EDL) leader, 35, shared a picture of himself posing with a group of grinning young men in camouflage fatigues.

He also posted a video of himself on Monday with a crowd of Army personnel-believed to be at the Watford Gap motorway services on the M1 – who started cheering and shouting his name.

Katie Hopkins is asking supporters to sign her petition to tell the UK government to lay off the soldiers!

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