Toronto Islamist Event with Radicals Linda Sarsour and Siraj Wahhaj Denies Entry to Laura Loomer and Faith Goldy (VIDEO)

The Muslim Carry the Light Convention was held this weekend in Toronto, Canada.

The event is self-described as an annual event organized by Islamic Circle of North America (#ICNA) Canada. It is aimed at inspiring Muslims to implement the true spirit of Islam in their lives.

The tickets were posted online and free.


This year’s event included speeches by radical Trump-basher Linda Sarsour and Siraj Wahhaj, the father of the New Mexico commune terrorist leader.

Although the event was open to the public the organizers refused to allown Jewish reporter Laura Loomer and Christian candidate for mayor of Toronto Faith Goldy.

Laura Loomer told the organizers before she was escorted out of the conference:

“Why is this event only open to Muslims? So you guys want everybody in Western countries in Western civilization to welcome you so you can come and invade our countries but then you’re banning us from your events in Toronto and places like that?”

Here’s the video:

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