TN Senatorial Candidate Phil Bredesen In Full Damage Control, Forced To Respond To James O’Keefe Sting Operation

Former Tennessee Governor and now Democrat Senate candidate Phil Bredesen has moved into damage control mode on the heels of the recent Project Veritas undercover sting video. In the video release by Project Veritas shows campaign staffers admitting that Bredesen’s statements about supporting Kavanaugh are just phony talking points.  The staffers explain how Bredesen really feels, and what he must say to appease voters.

Phil Bredesen spoke to the media with his carefully scripted talking points, and attacked James O’Keefe by saying, “I think that’s a reprehensible way to treat young people.” Bredesen and some overpaid dude, Mark Brown, from leftist front organization “Victory 2018” claim that the people caught on the video don’t work for Bredesen, and that O’Keefe is lying in his video.

WJHL reports:


His campaign spokesperson said the people in the video worked for the Tennessee Democratic Party – not the Bredesen for Senate campaign – and were not speaking for the candidate.

“There was someone who came in posing as a senior volunteer a grown up from the other campaign came in and doing that,” Bredesen said. “And basically got these young people talking in that fashion.”

“No one knows what was going through my mind but me,” Bredesen said.

Mark Brown with Tennessee Victory 2018 confirmed the people in the video were not employed by Bredesen for Senate.

“That is a lie,” Brown told News Channel 11 Thursday night. “They do not work for Bredesen for Senate. They were not passing along strategy information. They were passing around water cooler talk.”

Brown said the woman identified as a “journalist” infiltrated the Bredesen campaign.

“She spent a month befriending these people,” Brown said. “And then she shot this video of these young people talking about their opinion.”

Project Veritas Action said the question of who the people in the video technically worked for misses the point, calling it a distinction without a difference. “The individuals captured in our report work on Bredesen’s campaign through the TN Democratic Party, and in fact were recorded in his campaign office,” said Marco Bruno, Project Veritas Action.

Abbi Sigler, a spokesman for Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn. responded to the video. “Tennesseans are not ignorant, and in fact, they see through Phil Bredesen’s phony campaign tactics and now they’re seeing ‘Phony Phil’ at his worst,” she said. “This is exactly the kind of ‘say whatever to get elected’ politics Tennesseans hate.”

Asked to comment on whether or not he has the goods on if these staffers in the video really do work for Bredesen and if the response from Phony Phil is yet another lie, James O’Keefe responded to The Gateway Pundit with “:)”

Meanwhile, Marsha Blackburn has now opened up a 14 point lead on Bredesen, and Real Clear Politics now moves the race from toss-up to “leans R.”

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