“Thank you, Kentucky! Aren’t We Proud of President Trump!” – Sen. Mitch McConnell Joins President Trump on Stage at Kentucky Rally (VIDEO)

On Saturday evening President Donald Trump held a rally in Richmond, Kentucky on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University.
Doors opened at 4 PM and the president spoke at 7 PM.

The temperature in Richmond, Kentucky was 46° Fahrenheit.

But by 11 AM Eastern there were THOUSANDS of people lined up to see the 45th President.


The coliseum was packed full by 7 PM.
And for the first time Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined President Trump on stage at his home-state rally.

President Trump welcomed McConnell to the stage.
The Kentucky crowd went nuts!

Senate Majority Leader McConnell: Thank you, Kentucky! Aren’t we proud of President Trump? Let me just add, thanks to President Trump and Republicans sent 84 new judges already this Congress. That’s already a record, Mr. President. Keep sending them our way and we’ll keep confirming them and change the court system forever. Thank you for being here.

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