Texas Democrat Party Sends Voter Registration Applications to Dead People – One Woman Died 29 Years Ago

The Texas Democrat party is working overtime to reach out to their voter base–dead people and illegal aliens.

Last week the Texas Democrat party got caught asking non-citizens to register vote and even went as far as sending them applications with the citizenship box pre-checked.

Now dead people are receiving voter registration forms – one Dallas woman has been dead for 29 years.

One woman received voter registrations forms for three of her deceased family members.

CBS DFW reported:

Official voter registration applications have been showing up in the mailboxes of thousands of Texans.

The problem is some applications were sent to people who have been dead for decades.

“I just said this can’t be real,” said Ola Allen of Dallas.

Allen received a voter registration application in the mail addressed to her husband, Eroy. He died nearly three years ago.

She also received an application for her mother who died two years ago.

Allen initially chalked it up to an honest mistake, but then she received another voter registration application. This one Allen said was inexcusable and hurtful. It was addressed to her daughter Karen.

“I just set it down because I lost it. I really lost it,” Allen explained.

Karen is Allen’s youngest daughter. She died when she was 21 years old in 1989.

“My daughter has been gone 20-plus years and this doesn’t do a thing but open up an old wound for me,” Allen said.

Texas Democrat Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia said dead people are receiving voter registration forms because of an honest mistake–the Dem party purchased data sets to reach out to unregistered voters and the data is imperfect.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said there will be an investigation into the Texas Democrat party after they were caught sending illegal aliens voter registration forms.

“This is being investigated,” said Governor Abbott last Thursday evening, adding there will be “serious consequences” if it turns out to be true.

This is the Democrat party-they have to lie, cheat and steal in order to win an election.

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