Steve Bannon: Kavanaugh Brawl was a Preview of What Life Under a Democrat Congress Will Look Like (VIDEO)

Democrat protesters try to beat their way into the Supreme Court on Sunday.

Steve Bannon joined Neil McCabe from One America New Network to discuss the latest violent outburst by the American left.

Bannon says these violent disgusting mob tactics are just a preview.

Steve Bannon: I think it’s a very simple lesson. That’s what the future is going to look like if we lose the House of Representatives. I think it’s what has galvanized the right. I think it’s why Steve Bannon is saying nice things about Mitch McConnell. And Mitch McConnell saying Steve Bannon saying nice things about me is an out of body experience. That we’ve united the entire right from the grassroots movement to the populist movement to the economic nationalists all the way to the establishment. Everybody realizes that if we don’t pull together and hold the senate and pull together members and stop this blue wave in the House which I think we can do now.

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