HEIDI GIVES UP–> Red State Dem Senator Heidi Heitkamp to Vote NO on Kavanaugh – Backs Out of Debate

Heidi Heitkamp

She’s done.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) announced Thursday afternoon that she will vote “no” on Brett Kavanaugh.

Heitkamp is fighting for re-election this fall–it looks like she’s toast.

A new Mason Dixon poll from North Dakota found incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp down 10 points following the disgusting attacks by the Democrat Party on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Heitkamp said, Ford gave heartfelt, credible, and persuasive testimony. It took great courage and also came at great personal cost..It was clear that she was testifying not because she wanted to, but because she felt it was her civic duty.

Heitkamp added she heard the voices of women who have similar stories of sexual assault and abuse.

There is no evidence to support Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Christine Ford, Deborah Ramirez or Julie Swetnick.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said from the Senate floor Thursday morning:

The fact is none of these allegations have been corroborated by the FBI. Neither the Judiciary or FBI could find ANY witness to corroborate the allegations. No backup from any witnesses… This is the United States of America! Nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent in the United States of America!… This is embarrassing to the Senate. The Senate should not set a fundamentally un-American precedent… Brett Kavanaugh is totally qualified for this job.

UPDATE—- Heidi Heitkamp pulled out of her scheduled debate on Friday night. It looks like Heidi is conceding defeat.

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