Rep. Steve King Meets with Gays and a Jewish Person in Austria – Liberal Media Says He Met with Nazis … NEVER TRUST LIBERAL MEDIA

Rep. Steve King from Iowa — one of the eternal targets of the liberal American media — made headlines this week after his recent trip to Europe and Austria.

During his visit Steve held a meeting with political leaders which is typically arranged in consultation with the US Embassy.

Austria is a beautiful country and an American ally. The current political leadership, led 32-year-old Sebastian Kurz, is conservative and anti-immigrant.
Austria joined the US and Hungary this week by withdrawing from the UN migration pact which was obviously very upsetting to the Soros crowd.


American politicians frequently take fact-finding trips and converse with political leaders. Democrats famously visited tyrant Bashir Assad and the Castro regime.

The Gateway Pundit can report today that Rep. King met with at least two gays and a Jewish person at his meeting in Austria. We also can confirm that there was only ONE MEMBER of the Freedom Party of Austria at the meeting.

The liberal American media claims the Freedom Party of Austria is linked to Nazis. They are accusing Steve King of being a white supremacist for sitting with one member of the Freedom Party.  Steve also said this week the Freedom Party of Austria, a historically anti-socialist party, is comparable with the Republican Party in the US.

The Freedom Party of Austria was founded in 1956 when most adult males in Austria were veterans of World War II and were required to fight for the German Nazis.  Their Wikipedia page (a very far left organization) says nothing about the founding member who was a former Nazi. This is a media creation. The Freedom Party of Austria is the third leading party in the country. The top party is Kurz’s conservative Austrian People’s Party.

The liberal media, led by dishonest hacks at The New York Times, are now calling Rep. King a white supremacist.

This is absolute slander.
This is the American media.

We reached out to Steve King’s office today. We were told the Austrian meeting was an off the record meeting.

The fact that the American media is now attacking Steve King as a Nazi and white supremacist is absolutely outrageous and dishonest.

Never trust the American media.  Trump is right.  They are all an extension of the Democrat Party.  They are fake news.

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