RACIST SNL Mocks Kanye West, President Trump (Yawn) and Americans Suffering from Mental Health Issues (VIDEO)

The American left was very threatened this week after rap star Kanye West visited President Trump in the Oval Office and praised his successful administration.

Predictably, Saturday Night Live took the opportunity to mock Kanye West, President Trump and Americans with mental health issues.
The American left believes the only good humor these days is when they attack Republicans and Donald Trump.

The entire skit was a warning to black conservatives who dare to question their loyalty to the Democrat elites.

Alex Baldwin played President Trump in another stale SNL segment.
Baldwin plays an angry, stupid and egotistical man — a character that more accurately describes himself than the 45th president.


During last night’s segment, the white liberals on SNL mocked Kanye West and Americans with mental illness.

This was a disgusting display.

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