POTUS Trump: I Was in Tennessee Last Night – They Are SO In Favor of Judge Kavanaugh – It’s Like a Rallying Cry for Republicans (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke with reporters Tuesday before his flight to Pennsylvania. President Trump praised Judge Brett Kavanaugh on his performance, “I thought he did very well. I really did. He’s fighting very hard for his reputation for his family. Trump said the judge has had a very good last 24 hours. Trump also told the liberal reporters he did not want to do anything to disrupt the current process.

President Trump also said Kavanaugh has become a rallying cry for Republicans.

President Donald Trump: I’ve been watching this stuff for a long time. I’ve never seen anything that what’s going on with Judge Kavanaugh. He has been spectacular. He has been a tremendous, tremendous success… I was in Tennessee last night. We had a sold out arena I actually think it’s like a rallying cry for Republicans. They are so in favor of Judge Kavanaugh.

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