Ohio Dem Senator Sherrod Brown Accused of Making Unwanted Sexual Advance Against Woman

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) threatened to take legal action against his Republican opponent Rep. Jim Renacci Thursday after the Congressman accused him of making an unwanted sexual advance against a woman over 30 years ago.

The Washington Times reported:

Mr. Renacci’s Senate campaign released a lengthy statement by attorney Laura Mills telling the story of a “very credible” and “professional” unnamed woman who has accused Mr. Brown of making “an unexpected, uninvited, unwanted, and sudden advance, roughly pushing her up against a wall” in the late 1980s.

“It did stop after she expressed dismay and very firmly pulled away, explaining that was not her style nor why she was there,” Ms. Mills’ statement read. “He then said he remembered what she had on the day they had met some time earlier and that he had been attracted to her. Although she was able to defuse the situation, it did shake her up and she told friends about it as soon as she got home. They wanted her to report it but, she chose not to do so because it did stop.”

The statement made no mention of when or where the incident allegedly occurred or the events leading up to that point. How the two came to know each other was only explained in that she met him through the “course of her work.” It said she didn’t report the incident because it stopped in that moment.

On Wednesday, Republican Congressman Renacci told the Enquirer that “multiple women” contacted him and told him they were assaulted by Sherrod Brown.

“I’ve had multiple women contact me and say I was assaulted by Sherrod Brown,” Renacci said.

Renacci said the allegations stem from the period between Brown’s first marriage, which ended in 1987, and his current marriage, which began in 2004

“It’s more than just one instance,” Renacci said. “That makes it even worse.”

Brown’s campaign denied  Renacci’s claims.

“Congressman Renacci’s failed and desperate campaign gets worse every day,” Brown’s campaign said in a statement.

For months, Renacci has hammered Brown on a three-decade-old domestic abuse allegation and restraining order filed against him by his ex-wife in 1986 amid a contentious divorce.

Sherrod Brown sent a cease and desist letter to Rep. Renacci demanding he stop “making unsubstantiated and false claims about something that never happened.”

The irony is rich with this one because Sherrod Brown opposed Brett Kavanaugh…New rules–guilty until proven innocent, Mr. Brown!

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