Ocasio Cortez Delivers Jumbled Word-Salad when Asked about Her Plans for Congress – MSNBC Hack Nods in Agreement (VIDEO)

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez delivered a jumbled word salad when discussing her plans for Congress come January.

The New York Socialist was a guest on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes.

This woman is the future of the Democrat Party.


Ocasio Cortez: Well I think a lot of it has to do with changing our strategy around governance. There is a lot of inside baseball, and inside the beltway, as you know, you always hear that term. But there are very few organizers in Congress and I do think that organizers operate differently. It’s a different kind of strategy and what it is is organizing and really thinking about that word ‘organizing’, segmenting people, being strategic in their actions. And really bringing together a cohesive strategy, putting pressure on the chamber instead of only focusing on pressure inside the chamber.

Chris Hayes: (nodding in agreement) That’s a really interesting thought.


Was anyone else thinking of this when Ocasio Cortez was speaking?
Such as…

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