NYC Street Artist Attacks Trump Supporters, Christians and Red Sox Fans With #KeepNYCTrashFree Poster Campaign

A street artist in New York City is targeting Christians, Trump supporters and Red Sox fans with a fake NYC Sanitation Department poster campaign urging people to #KeepNYCTrashFree

One of the posters features a woman in a MAGA hat clutching a Holy Bible, while another features a man with a confederate tattoo and a Chick-fil-A cup — also wearing a MAGA hat.

The artist, Winston Tseng, has previously put up MTA parody ads as well as posters commenting on Colin Kaepernick, the Catholic Church, and some featuring Sean Hannity giving oral sex to President Trump, Gothamist reports.

He didn’t just stop with attacking Trump supporters and Christians, though. He also took aim at the Boston Red Sox — who destroyed the New York Yankees in the playoffs and are currently two games ahead in the World Series.

When asked about the poster campaign by The Gothamist, Tseng replied that he would rather “let the poster speak for itself.”


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