Nazi Jews? “Jews in the AfD” Caucus Launched in Wiesbaden, Germany

Guest post by Collin McMahon in Germany

Jewish members of the German conservative opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD) formally launched a Jewish caucus Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018. Mainstream Media attacked the group as a “fig leaf for fascists”, and government-funded Jewish lobbies sought to censor conservative Jews with taxpayer Euros.

24 founding members of the “Jews in the AfD” met in Wiesbaden, Hesse, after being hounded out of their original venue in Frankfurt by the stormtrooper tactics of the taxpayer-funded Left.

Still, mainstream media focused on the “alibi” function of the Jewish AfD group, questioning whether Jews are “allowed” to support the only party in Germany which opposes mass Muslim immigration to Europe.

The German media have often sought to portray the AfD as anti-semitic or even neo-Nazi, usually by twisting select quotes out of context. Thus, AfD Thuringia leader Björn Höcke called the Holocaust Monument in Berlin a “monument of shame”, a quote often represented as Holocaust denial. When Höcke sought take part in the official ceremonies at Auschwitz this year to pay his respects to the Holocaust victims, he was told he was not welcome.

At the pioneering event Sunday, Jews in the AfD founder Wolfgang Fuhl defended Höcke’s controversial 2017 remarks to pubweb ARD: “Of course it’s a monument of shame. What else do you want to call it? A monument of joy?”

Leading non-Jewish members of the AfD to join the event were religious affairs speaker Volker Münz, former Sudeten refugee spokeswoman Erika Steinbach, pundit Michael Klonovsky, Bundestag co-chair Princess Beatrix von Storch, and foreign affairs spokesman Petr Bystron. “This is a historic occasion,” said Bystron, fresh off his US visit  as Gateway Pundit Eagle Award winner 2018. “It is a slap in the face of all those whose only argument against the AfD is to call us far-right antisemites.”

Princess Beatrix von Storch, co-founder of the pro-Israel Friends of Judea and Samaria in the EU Parliament, said “The founding of the Jews in the AfD is an important step toward crafting a Judeo-Christian alliance in the West, which will finally face down this Leftist-Islamist front that has been destablizing Germany and Europe with such terrible consequences.”

The Israeli press followed the event keenly, with many Israelis and Jews in Europe more worried about mass Islamization, terrorism and anti-Semitic hate crimes than the rebirth of fascism. “While I have not investigated the matter of the AfD in depth, I have met with leader Beatrix von Storch and I appreciate her strong support for Israel,” Likud member Yehudah Glick told The Times of Israel on Sunday.

Glick also criticized the official German Jewish Council’s protests against the “Jews in the AfD”: “It is a shame that in Germany, when there are pressing issues that concern the Jewish community, such as German support for the Iran deal and for anti-Israel NGOs, that Jewish organizations choose to attack their fellow Jews. Rather than attack, why not have an open forum of discussion about the issues of Jewish concern?”

The German Jewish Council is funded by the pro-immigration Merkel government to the tune of €13 million a year. Leading members such as Joseph Schuster, Michel Friedmann and Charlotte Knobloch are closely allied with, or even members in, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

Around three hundred counter-demonstrators responded to the call to protest against the event. Jews in the AfD co-chair Artur Abramovych said, “They sent chartered buses from all over Germany, and only had about 300 counter-demonstrators. So the outrage in the Jewish community is obviously not that great.”

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