MUST-SEE VIDEO: Gay Conservative Confronts ERIC HOLDER and ANDREW GILLUM on Political Violence and Jew-Hatred

On Monday gay conservative activist Jacob Engels confronted Eric Holder and Andrew Gillum at an event at the African American Research Library in Ft. Lauderdale.

Jacob asked Holder and Gillum to renounce mob violence. That’s when the Democrat lackeys surrounded him and harassed him.

Jacob told The Gateway Pundit, “Eric Holder is encouraging acts of political violence and domestic terrorism. When confronted about his own words… “when they go low… we kick em”, Holder joked it off.”


Jacob added: “He should be ashamed and brought in for questioning in relation to recent acts of violence by the Alt-Left.”

“Mayor Andrew Gillum still has the stench of the Third Reich on him after booting Jews from a synagogue that he was using for a very base political purpose. Just days later… a synagogue is attacked by a crazed leftist. He does not deserve our respect or seriousness in the upcoming Governor’s election in Florida.”

Watch Jacob confront Holder and Gillum in Ft. Lauderdale.

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