Midterm 2018 WISCONSIN: Tammy Baldwin vs. Leah Vukmir

Democrat Tammy Baldwin the incumbent and a self-described “progressive” is running against Leah Vukmir, a respected Wisconsin State Senator.

The two women candidates couldn’t be further apart on health care, immigration, abortion, vets, taxes and jobs.

Democrat Baldwin actually wants Medicare for all; a single payer government plan than goes far beyond Obama care.


Opposing capital punishment, Baldwin is weak on crime and police. She is also proudly the first lesbian in the State Assembly.

Recognized as one of the MOST liberal members of the US Senate Baldwin wins all the awards from Progressives.

She loudly voted against Judge Kavanaugh.

Her opponent quipped; “Tammy is more at home in The Hamptons in New York with her friends than at a Friday night fish fry in Wisconsin.”

This is a race Republicans would like to tighten since Trump carried the state in 2016.

A conservative nurse with deep roots in the state who will vote with the Trump train is better than a thousand pound supporter of Clinton and the entire left leaning Democratic crockery.

Vukmir is an American first Republican and deserves your support.

Make this go viral in Wisconsin.

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