Midterm 2018 TENNESSEE: Marsha Blackburn vs. Phil Bredesen

Tennessee has a real choice to make.

Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is running against former Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen for the US Senate.

Blackburn is 100% conservative and a favorite of President Donald J. Trump.


Bredesen is a worn out old timer Governor with backing from Hollywood and big money from out of state. Taylor Swift did endorse him.

Marsha Blackburn would be the first woman ever to represent the State of Tennessee in the US Senate.

The Democrats have not won since Al Gore in 1980.

Philip Bredesen would be the next Al Gore.

Don’t let them win.

The State is solidly Republican and not a Purple State. Blackburn should win — if voters turn out.

It’s not finished until it’s finished but Blackburn is surging.

This Senate race has been called the most important in the country.

All eyes are on Tennessee.

The Democratic Party is not popular in Tennessee for a reason. Bredesen IS a Democrat.

He may waffle and try to couch his terms but he would vote with Chuck Schumer 100% of the time.

He was a Clintonista and detests Trump.

Blackburn on the other hand supports the Republican majority and would have voted FOR Judge Kavanaugh.

She is for due process while her opponent couldn’t even decide what he was for.

Marsha Blackburn will make a GREAT Senator for Tennessee.

Make this go viral in the Volunteer State.

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