Midterm 2018 – MICHIGAN: Pro-Israel Rep. Mike Bishop (R) vs. Elissa Slotkin (D) Backed By Anti-Israel Group

In the race for Michigan’s 8th district, the incumbent Republican Rep. Mike Bishop is being challenged by far left Democrat Elissa Slotkin.

Bishop has a solid record of backing Israel, but Slotkin, who is Jewish, is being backed by an anti-Israel group.

100% Fed Up reports:

ANTI-ISRAEL PAC Backs ELISSA SLOTKIN, Jewish Candidate For Congress Who Helped Obama With Secret Deal That Sent Over $1 BILLION To IRAN [VIDEO]

Former CIA analyst, Elissa Slotkin is running for US Congress in a state where she only recently dropped in to occupy a family farm that is owned by her wealthy family, heirs to the Hygrade Foods fortune.

The Slotkin family farm is located in Holly, MI, and just happens to be located on the edge of the 8th district in Michigan, where Elissa Slotkin, a Jewish female, is backed by the J-Street PAC, a group which has been accused of being anti-Israel. In addition to her funding from the anti-Israel group, Slotkin’s also received an enormous amount of campaign cash from ACT Blue, a George Soros funded group.

The Democrat Party and Elissa Slotkin, a DC outsider, who’s spent the last several months attempting to convince Michigan voters she cares about them, after voting for the first time ever in Michigan, when she voted for herself in the Democrat primary election in August, is hoping to unseat the popular, conservative, pro-Israel, Congressman Mike Bishop (R).

It’s hard to imagine a more unbelievable scenario than that of a Jewish Democrat running for a seat in Congress, who’s being funded by an anti-Israel PAC.

Real Clear Politics is calling this race a toss up even though Bishop has a slight lead in the polls.

Vice President Pence has been campaigning for Bishop. Up North Live reports:

Pence making 2 Michigan stops to campaign for Republicans

Vice President Mike Pence is making two stops in Michigan to campaign for Republican candidates before next week’s election.

Pence will speak Monday afternoon at an event in Oakland County for U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, who is facing a challenge from Democrat Elissa Slotkin, and Lena Epstein, who is running against Democrat Haley Stevens for a congressional seat opening with the retirement of Republican Rep. Dave Trott.

The two races are competitive and are expected to help determine which party controls the House.

This seems like an easy choice.

Slotkin is an Obama Democrat and Rep. Mike Bishop is a reliable conservative.

What more do you need to know? Vote Bishop!



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