Michelle Malkin: There Is Not One Shred of Evidence to Back Up Christine Ford’s Uncorroborated, Ever-Evolving, Opportunistic Story (VIDEO)

Michelle Malkin is one of the few investigative journalists who is looking at more than Christine Blasey Ford’s dry-eyed assault testimony to the US Senate. Michelle is looking at the evidence – like Americans did in the old days.

Ford accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of assault and attempted rape sometime in the 1980s at an unknown place and time. The only alleged “witnesses” have all rejected the 36-year-old accusations and one witness even admitted NEVER being at a party with Brett Kavanaugh.

Michelle pointed out that Christine Blasey Ford conducts high-stakes data analysis for drug companies, wrote an authoritative statistical power textbook, and co-authored 60 science journal articles.


But she can’t remember basic facts from 30 yrs ago or two months ago about biggest events in her life?

This does not compute.

Michelle added this about her husband who is a statistician and PhD in health policy.

I’m married to a PhD health policy analyst who worked in the very same statistical consultation area as Dr. Ford – research design/analysis for pharm. cos. bringing new meds & devices to market.

People in this field are OBSESSIVE about details. Lives depend on it.

Michelle Malkin released a video this weekend on Christine Ford and her impossible story.

“There is not one shred of evidence to back up Christine Ford’s uncorroborated, ever-evolving, opportunistic claims… While so many others mindlessly coo and slobber over Dr. Ford’s ‘sincerity,’ I call sincere bullcrap.”

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