Lindsey Graham Dunks on Screaming Kavanaugh Protester With Epic One-Liner (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham did it again!

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has turned out to be one of Brett Kavanaugh’s staunchest defenders and the Trump base is loving it.

Graham shut down a protester yelling about Brett Kavanaugh taking a polygraph test.

It will never be enough for the Democrats–we knew the FBI probe would not satisfy the ravenous left.


“You’ve humiliated this guy enough–there seems to be no bottom for some of ya,” Graham said.

“If you would set up a polygraph it would be all over, Senator Graham,” said the protester.

“Why don’t we dunk him in the water and see if he floats?” Graham shot back.

So a polygraph is what would satisfy the left? Because 7 FBI background checks isn’t enough…


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